Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lila is 2!

On March 23 little miss Lila Jane turned 2. She is getting to be such a big girl now. She is a fluent talker now we can pretty much understand everything she says, and she says a new phrase everyday that cracks me up! She is in love with Dora the explorer and cooking in her new kitchen. She takes care of her babies like a little mommy, I just love it. She is 100% girly girl and loves to get all "pretty". I can't believe the difference between girl and boys. Her brothers love her to death and I think we spoil her a little too much. Her blankie is her obsession and we can't go anywhere without it. She is very busy and spunky. We love you Lila Happy Birthday!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Wow I have not blogged in a while! There has been so much going on! There was Christmas, Lila was not happy her brothers woke her up early. We had a late night the night before and she need her sleep just like her mommy.
Then Connor turned 11! Holy crap he is getting so old and still is my little sweetheart. He is the best big brother. He takes care of Lila and will take her out back whenever she asks (which is a lot). I hope that when he turns 13 he doesn't turn on me like all teenagers.
In February Colin and I went to Maui with our good friends Weston and Stephanie Hayes, and our new friends the Webers and the Carvers. It was the first time me and Col have left our kids longer than 1 night so I was pretty nervous about it. We were gone 8 days. We left the kids with my mom and sister and they did great! Lila was a good girl and Brennan decided to cut his own hair, lol. But we had soooo much fun. It was amazing . We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and my 29th birthday while we were there. We ate at the yummest resturant called mama's fish house. Still craving it. We hiked, snorkeled with sea turtles, laid on the beach, kayaked and just hung out with no kids! It was so wierd not having to take care of anybody but myself.
kayaking 30 feet from a whale and its baby, it was nuts!
I love these cute girls!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

cabin summer 2011

 playing in the river

 Opie shaking off, his head is turned all the way upside down
 Bella collects rocks
 Brennan and Missy on Bud
 in the river
 Lila wants to sit on the horseses all day long
Conns being silly

This is what the Nielsen family does in the summer. Hanging out at the good old Bott family cabin. We are up there every weekend. Its the best :)

Summer catch up!

the fam
dancing and Lila wouldn't budge off the dance floor!
Some of the bridesmaids
daddy's girl
April sang to Nate

I have been a horrible blogger! I have a lot to post so here we go! My sister April got married in July to a Awesome guy named Nate. All I can say is Finally! They dated for 5 years. He has 2 adorable daughters named Emmy and Missy. Her are some of the wedding pics.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bear Lake 2011!

Every year we try to go camping up at Bear Lake. We go up with our friends and fam and have lots of fun. We got rained out early this year and Lila was a bit of a handful. The water was so high this year we could throw a rock from our tent and hit it! That was nice instead of walking 10 minutes just to get to the beach. Connor was in the water all day everyday and we only saw him at lunchtime and around the camfire for dinner. I have got 3 waterbabies and he is definatley a fish! Colins dad makes the best camping food. Especially breakfast. Yumm. We had so much fun and can't wait to go again next year :) I took lots of fun pictures, enjoy

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

April's Bachelorette Party!

My sister April got married in July so me and her BFF Sherri threw her a Bachelorette party. It was was so fun. We made her do a bunch of funny tasks all night and Sherri made her this awesome t-shirt that she had to get as many guy signatures as she could. It was a blast :)

Update! June :)

Lila is ready to go and Colin tried to bungie cord Opie in to get him to stay LOL
Wow I haven't blogged forever and was lookin at all of the pics I have taken over the past few months I realize I better catch up! The cabin is alway what we do every weekend of the summer. The dogs have loved it especially Opie. All 90 pounds of him! Ya he is huge and only 8 months old and still getting bigger. We tried to put him on the 4 wheeler to go for a ride like Bella does and he was so scared! He is a scaredy cat! haha